Yea Dad’s Home

Where did we start?

YeaDadsHome was a new business that needed a website to publish stories. The site needed to be visually appealing and easy for visitors to navigate. The site also had to accommodate ads from various sources.


What did we do for Yea Dad’s Home?


A Blog that Looks Good and Accommodates Advertising

  • We implemented a new website and set it up with recipe organization functions that make it easy to enter and adjust recipes. It is built with good SEO, has site security and comment spam reduction functions.
  • The site has Google AdSense loaded to start. It can accommodate direct campaigns, and a variety of other placements as needed.


Tools for Keeping Content Fresh and Consistent

  • Content templates, schedules, keyword suggestions were developed.


Social Networks to Share and Connect with Others

  • New social profiles for Twitter, Google Plus, and a Pinterest Business accounts were created.

YeaDadsHome Website Project
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