LaSalle II School

Where did we start?

This school had a google site which worked really well for teacher pages. The site didn’t have many pictures, so it didn’t look very interesting to prospective families. It had a good amount of information that families needed to know, but they couldn’t find it and would call the office instead.

A survey of parents indicated that communication about school activities an announcements need to improve. The school was printing a newsletter for parents, but it wasn’t effective and it was costly. A lot of the parents carry smartphones and own tablets, so a site needed to work on those devices.


What did we do for LaSalle II?


Pictures of 60 Smiling Staff Members

  • We took headshot pictures of the staff and made a staff page that links out to the teacher pages.


A Website that Keeps the School Community Up to Date

  • We implemented a new site and refined the flow so that it was easy to navigate.
  • The site is integrated with an existing Google site so that teachers can maintain their own class pages.
  • It has a Google Calendar, Google Translate, and Google Custom Search integrated.
  • Key staff were trained in how to publish to the site.
  • Wording of menus, titles, and page content was reworked to make it easier for someone new to the school to understand.
  • The school had some pictures, and we used those to make the site more interesting. We created a slide show that tells a quick story about the school that prospective parents or potential sponsors can use to get a quick overview of the school.

LaSalle II Website Project

An Email Newsletter That Ties it All Together

  • The paper newsletter was replaced with an electronic version. We set up the newsletter format, and help assemble content for a 2x per month mailing to parents. Articles lead back to the website for detailed information.
  • The newsletter has increased engagement parent satisfaction with communication. It is also reducing printing costs.


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