Jackie Traynere

Where did we start?

Jackie wanted a website to share info with her constituents, tell her story to voters, and accept donations to cover campaign costs. She publishes a monthly newsletter, so the website needed to provide the detailed stories described in the newsletter. Professional pictures had been taken, but those weren’t on her site. She had a biography, but it need to be tuned up so that it was easy to scan.


What did we do for Jackie?

A Website that Connects Jackie with Her Constituents

  • We implemented a self hosted WordPress website that can tell Jackie’s story and hold her articles.
  • A donations page and a paypal button that accept campaign donations on the new site.

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 5.15.06 PM


Graphics that Make the Site Look Engaging

  • To personalize the site, we edited the pictures she had so they would fit around the other content on the site.
  • The new site needed a logo that would match the new bold colors. We did some quick graphic design to make her a logo.


Content That Normal Visitors Will Read

  • For the biography, we made it easy to read. Cleaning up some of the wording adding headlines, and formatting.


Twitter Integration for Quick Updates

  • Jackie uses a twitter account for quick updates and we added a feed to her site so that those updates are visible to visitors.


Visit Jackie Traynere’s Site