Cardinal Capital Management

Where did we start?

CCM had a very basic website which was created using a GoDaddy tool The company needed a more professional site which would help them recruit employees who would be considering other major trading firms in Chicago. The site had some good text, but it was really dense and needed to be much easier to read. A professional photographer had taken a few pictures. A few pictures from that set needed to be selected fore the site. Also a logo had been created, and a version of that needed to be added to the site.


What did we create for CCM?

A Clean, Mobile Friendly Website

  • We implemented a new site and refined the flow so that it was easy for potential employees to navigate.
  • Photos to add visual appeal were selected, edited, and sized for the site.
  • The logo was re-created so that it fit the website layout.
  • A contact form was installed with a comment spam filter.
  • Key staff were trained in how to publish to the site.

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 5.36.07 PM
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